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Online dating is a constantly growing industry, it is expected to reach more than 320 million users by 2023. Furthermore, it is becoming a bigger part of our everyday life. Whether you’re looking for a friend, a hook-up or for relationship-minded people, online dating services are just what you need.

When it comes to dating, each person has their preferences. Unfortunately, this means that some people are more likely to find a match than others. If you’ve been asked whether you are a basketball player or a model, you probably know what we mean. Tall women definitely have some difficulties in finding a suitable partner. Let’s take a closer look at why that might be the case.

Dating site for tall women

Cons of Being a Tall Girl on a Dating Website

Although online dating for tall singles women is not a complete hell, there are quite a few challenges tall girls might face. Among the most common of them are:

1. Hard to find a man taller than you

According to surveys, most women care about the height of their partner. It is one of the criteria that gets mentioned the most. Psychologists connect such attention to it to the subjective feeling of protection and strength. Plus, you wouldn’t want to look like a giant compared to your partner every time you wear high heels, would you?

Dating services for tall girl

2. Men’s insecurities

Even if your partner’s height is not the top of your priorities and you would be comfortable around someone shorter than you, it doesn’t mean that he would feel the same. Men are often plagued by insecurities, sown by our society and its norms.

However, there definitely are short people that are comfortable in their own skin (just look at some of the celebrity couples). So, look for and meet like-minded people if you don’t want your relationship to end before its beginning.

3. People don’t see anything else

Height is something that definitely draws a lot of attention. If people won’t be intimidated by it, they will probably be attracted to you. However, you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where the only thing that a person appreciates about you is how tall you are, would you?A lot of matchmaking sites in US have filters that sort the matches. So, you can never be sure whether the person genuinely liked your profile or if they are just hunting for a tall beauty.

Online dating for tall singles women

One of the possible solutions for the problems above is a dating site for tall women. Although dividing all people based on their height is kind of unfair, it also creates a sense of community and makes for a much more positive experience. There is a number of examples for a dating website for tall girl, among them are:

  • TallSingles;
  • TallFriends;
  • Tall Passions, and many more.


Overall, the height difference is a major point in online dating and in dating scene overall. Society pushes the narrative that in a heterosexual relationship, the male should be taller than female. While on average men are taller than women, this rule of thumb makes it difficult for tall women (as well as short men) to find a match.

Fortunately, people pay attention to this problem. That’s why there are more and more successful examples of a dating service for tall girl, where they can meet local tall residents, become a part of the community, and find love.