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According to studies about height preferences in romantic relationships, only around 4% of women are dating a shorter person. This basically means that, consciously or subconsciously, women prefer tall guys.

Such an overwhelming preference definitely has its roots in evolutionary and instinctive mechanisms. If you’re a single tall guy, you’ve probably had already experienced such a predisposition. There actually are even more benefits to be tall on matchmaking sites in US. Read below to find out more about online dating for tall singles guys.

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Benefits for Tall Guys on Dating Services

Jealous people say that online dating for tall singles man is like playing life on easy mode. While it’s not completely true, tall guys do have some advantages while looking for a partner. The most obvious ones include:

1. Most girls will find you attractive

As we’ve already discussed, women prefer men that are taller than them. If you’re tall enough, the number of girls that would be attracted to you – your potential dating pool – is very high. Of course, it is still a subject of personal preference, so it probably won’t be enough to be sure that you’ll meet like-minded people. However, it certainly improves your chances.

2. You will feel yourself self-assured around your date

If you’re in the relationship with someone shorter than you, it will probably boost your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been this tall all your life – standing tall near your date should make you feel strong, protective and confident.

3. Your girlfriend can wear high heels

Although high heels are a horrific torture device, some women love to wear them for the way they make them look and feel. However, some women choose not to wear them if the height difference between them and their partner is too big. In your case, girls don’t have to worry about it. You will definitely feel great if you’ll be able to empower your date to be her best self.

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Disadvantages of Being a Tall Man on a Dating Service

Unfortunately, not all sides of the coin are bright for tall guys. Dating life has some downsides for them too. Here are just some of them:

1. Objectification

Objectification is a nasty term. Mostly women fall victims to it, but tall handsome guys can be dehumanized too. Of course, the experiences are incomparable, but it is really unfortunate when a person views you like a piece of meat to be used. Especially when you’re trying to look for relationship-minded people.

2. Hard to find an equal

According to the same research, it is also unusual to be involved for people with height difference over 25 cm (about a foot). However, the taller you are, the harder it would be for you to find a woman about as tall as you are. If you want to meet local tall girls, you almost have to be a part of the community.

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In Conclusion

Although a lot of girls prefer tall men, it doesn’t mean that their love life is exceptionally great. A dating service for tall guy would make it much simpler. Although there is no specifically oriented dating site for guys, there are a couple of examples of a dating website for tall guys and girls. Such platforms often have a solid community and regular meetups, so not only can you find the love of your life, but also make a bunch of friends and spend quality time together.